21 May 2013

Is this Democracy or Elected Dictatorship?

First we saw laathi charge at jantar mantar in Delhi and zero progress on curbing corruption even after all public of India uproared.
And now in Maharashtra, we see that traders are loosing the battle after their leader stepped down when he was threatened of IT raid. Same had happened to Baba Ram Dev.
We should consider this.
1. Politicians have more power than public.
2. Only power public has is vote and options are no good. So it's of no use.
3. Law/Court is not useful to public as it is very clear now that "Justice delayed is Justice Denied".
4. Police is only useful to politicians as you saw how they showered laathis on innocent people at jantar mantar and there are numerous other examples. Best example you will find when you go to file a complain to any police station. If you do that you will be 100% sure that police is not useful to general public.
In fact after writing this much I now feel that rather than elected dictatorship, it is a well coordinated dictatorship by politicians as people are forced to vote only on available options. They can't say no I don't want to vote on any of the candidates. And hence they get elected and then rule on those people only.

NOTA vote  is an invalid vote i.e. it doesn't count. It is as good as not having one

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