10 Apr 2012

Consequences of not sharing knowledge

  1. You might live and die with wrong knowledge.
  2. You might end up egoistically thinking negative about others i.e. they don’t have all the knowledge I have.
  3. You might come in a situation when it is important for a peer/colleague/family member/life partner to understand a point you want to make but you already know they are not going to understand it as they lack on some knowledge. Ask yourself that why didn’t you shared it with them.
While writing this post, I Google’d the title of this post and as usual first result was from Wikipedia.
If knowledge is not shared, negative consequences such as isolation and resistance to ideas occur.Shared knowledge offers different viewpoints and possible solutions to problems. To promote knowledge sharing and remove knowledge sharing obstacles, the organizational culture should encourage discovery and innovation. This will result in the creation of organizational culture.

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