23 Apr 2011

AJAX based quick delete on free version of EasySMS

EasySMS is very useful for quick SMSing from web browser of your desktop via your Android. It's specially useful if you are staying outside US where you don't have Google Voice Service. The slow user interface, which reloads whole of the browser on every action, lets it's users down sometimes. Here is a small JavaScript (using mostly jQuery) snippet which will AJAXify your delete actions on individual SMS within threads.

$('iframe#showthread').get(0).onload = null;
$('iframe#showthread').unbind("load").load(function () {
var thrdDoc = document.getElementById("showthread").contentDocument;
$("table:eq(0) > tbody > tr:gt(1)", thrdDoc).find("table > tbody > tr > td:eq(2) > a")
.each(function () {
var delA = $(this);
if(delA.data("href") == null)
delA.data("href", delA.attr("href"));
delA.attr("href", "#");
delA.get(0).onclick = null;
delA.click(function () {
//if(confirm('Delete message?'))
$.post(delA.data("href"), function () {
return false;

You can inject it into your browser using Javascript Injector Chrome Plugin which injects jQuery into your browser by default.

There are lot of improvements that can be done in this way. To list a few are :-
  • More than 160 character SMS for free version.
  • AJAXify delete batches and Send operation 
  • Multiple select and delete option for batches and individual SMSes
  • Pop up alert and refresh on new SMS arrival

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